Software Update [June 6, 2018]

We have released the latest software (64-bit) for Linux, maxOS, and Windows around June 6, 2018. This is a bug-fix update with some new features.

  • POSTGSF90: Add optionĀ OPTION which_weight nonlinearA to compute “non linear A” type of SNP variance. See VanRaden (2008) for details.
  • RENUMF90
    • Correct output files for a model with many effects and traits.
    • Add new keyword SKIP_HEADER and FIXED_REGRESSION. See for details.
    • Accept the name of parameter file as a command line option.
    • Print a template parameter file with a command line option --show-template.
  • INBUPGF90: Put zero to negative but tiny inbreeding coefficient, which comes from numerical error.
  • Many bug fixes.

See the software page to download the programs.