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 +This is program is used to do cross-validations. It reads a blupf90 parameter file, a solutions file
 +and a data file
 +It needs ''​OPTION include_effects''​ followed by a series of effects.
 +It computes
 +y_hat = sum of estimates of the included effects
 +y_star = y corrected by the other (not included) effects
 +residual = y - included effects (not a true residual)
 +For instance consider
 +y = herd + age + animal + e
 +with ''​OPTION include_effects 3''​
 +y_hat = animal_hat
 +ystar = y - herd_hat - age_hat
 +Which makes cor(y_hat,​y_star) = cor(ebv, corrected y) which is a measure of accuracy
 +it outputs the correlation between y_hat and y_star, for instance cor(ystar,​yhat)=cor(u+e,​ uhat)
 +and outputs these columns into a file, together with animal id (if there is animal in the model) or record number (if not)
 +In addition, if animal effect is in the model, it produces a file with ebvs from the solutions file.
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