Genomic analyses using single-step methodology

Ignacy Misztal et al.

Future short courses

The next 3-week course is tentatively scheduled at UGA in May, 2022. Its outline will be similar to the UGA course taught in 2018 (see below). More information about the course will be available in February 2022. Those who were admitted to the 2020 course that was cancelled because of COVID will have preferences in admission.

The last 3-week course in conjunction with workshop on genomic computing using single-step methodology was held at UGA in 2018. Follow wiki at for class notes, assignments, etc.

Occasionally we teach a one-week course focused only genomic selection and single-step methodology. Only when requested and organized by outside institutions.

Contents: Covered topics include rules to set up mixed models for many models, operations on sparse matrices, and implementations of REML and Gibbs sampling algorithms. New topics cover programming specific to genomic selection with emphasis on single-step methodology. One focus is on easy programming made possible with Fortran 90/95/2003 and matrix modules.  The other focus is on modeling and methodology proven to work at the commercial level.

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of mixed models at a matrix level, basic knowledge of programming in any language. Knowledge of Fortran 95 and Unix helpful.