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    Gnothi seauton
    Cogito ergo sum

    Mathematics is the best human language to understand NATURE.

    One new idea comes out only every decade. In the next 10 years, we just apply the idea to many cases.

    My goal is to improve my knowledge by studying animals.

    I am not smart enough to explain complicated phenomena to other people precisely but may be better than someone who makes a simple matter very complicated.

    It is highly possible to train a student who may have any potential to be an excellent scholar, but it's unlikely possible to train a professor who cannot teach the student.

    What university is more attractive to a motivated PhD student?
      1. Providing (more) good courses (than) the student expects in the (related) filed.
        2. A very helpful and talented advisor.
          3. A good study environment with good collaborators and friends.

          It is much easier to publish theoretical papers that do not actually work in the real world because nobody knows the theory is true or not.

          A theory works only under some conditions or assumptions.

          We can have hundreds of ideas for research and publication, but only 1% of them are really useful.

          So, it is your choice to publish hundreds of papers for your own benefit or a few papers for changing the world...

          Relative (<---> absolute)
          Conditional (<---> unconditional)
          1. Hypothesize a theory under some conditions

          2. Test the theory

          3. Prove the theory

          4. Apply the theory

          5. Test the theory under other conditions

          6. If it does not work, change the hypothesis, assumption, condition, or the theory, then repeat 1-5 until getting tired.

          Belief completely depends on our desire, but scientific facts, which are always under some condition, have nothing to do with our desire.