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Attractions around Athens

In Athens
Relax and enjoy your time in Athens with a cup of coffee. They have a good coffee shop. (Picture from the Botanical Center official website)

Botanical Garden

The nicest garden in Georgia. There are tropical garden, local plants, and trails. Magnolia is full bloom on end of May.

Memorial Park

Great place for hiking. It has small zoo. Zoo is free and you can see bears. It is on the way from Inn-town Suite to UGA.

Georgia Museum of Art

Just 3min walk from our class room! Admission is free and they have unique exhibits and Very American art. You will find Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell Soup(it is Green pea soup, I think.).

Athens Gun Club

Indoor Gun Range to have a safe and fun experience while learning responsible gun ownership and practical skills. Check Groupon USA. They have discount coupons.

15 minutes
Hiking is great fun in GA, especially in early summer. (Picture from the Sandy Creek Nature Center website)

Sandy Creek Nature Center

There are many nature trails. It has free zoo with snakes.

Sandy Creek Park

Two km long lake and many trails. It has “beach”. Well, it is a lake, but it has sand and we can swim in the nature. If you are going to rent a shelter for picnic, make sure you bring swim suits and sunscreen.

30 minutes
Canoe is great activity if you can swim. (Picture from the official Watson Mill State Park website)

Watson Mill State Park

Great Park to enjoy nature. They have a beautiful and the longest bridge in GA, rocky river, and trails. Don’t forget your camera!

Victoria Bryant State Park

You can enjoy many outdoor activities such as golf on green and hiking along with a river.

1 h
People are waiting the famous laser show! It is so American. (Picture from the official Stone Mountain website)

Tullulah Falls

Deep canyon with excellent views; also dangerous walk down and natural water gliding.

Stone Mountain (Can’t miss it!)

You can hike this huge stone. Excellent views towards Atlanta, Plantation Museum, Giant carvings and Laser Show!


There is an old mine museum. Good old day’s story.

1.5 h
It looks like Europe or Disney Land, right? (Picture from the official Helen website)

Unicoi park

Close to lake, mountain trails,


Old logging town turned into “Bavarian village”. If you have not traveled to Europe, you must go! It is also great place to enjoy gateway to GA mountains!

Moccasin State Park

There is a large lake and it has fish hatchery. Great place for picnic.


Famous Coca Cola museum (of advertising), CNN center and Aquarium are around Olympic Park. You can take Mega Bus from Athens. Also, not so many people visit Carter Presidential Library, but great place to enjoy their Japanese garden.

2 h or more


Historic City in GA! Fort from Civil War, Tybee Island with nice beach and many islands during low tide. Great place for summer vacation.

Huntsville, AL

This thriving community with roots dating back to the old cotton row days through the boom of the 1970’s NASA program. Very unique destination.

Okefenoke State Park

Extensive set of canals with alligator+snakes swimming. If you are not too scared, try! This park has incredible views and you can rent a boat to enjoy beauty of nature.

Jekyll Island and Surrounded Area

Jekyll Island was once owned by billionaires, but now, it is just a museum. It is great touristic place for family.

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