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BLUPF90 Family of Programs

Now with support for genomic selection

Ignacy Misztal and collaborators, University of Georgia

BLUPF90 family of programs is a collection of software in Fortran 90/95 for mixed model computations in animal breeding. The goal of the software is to be as simple as with a matrix package and as efficient as in a programming language. For general description, see a paper from the CCB'99 workshop or see a paper on BGF90 at 7th WCGALP.

For variance component estimation, the family offers choices for simple and complicated models; see paper “Reliable computing in estimation of variance components” . From 2009 the programs are successively modified for genomic selection using a single-step approach (or ssGBLUP) by Ignacio Aguilar and Shogo Tsuruta.

For support, join Blupf90 Discussion Group at We moved from Yahoo Groups to on November 7, 2019, mainly because of the unavailability of key features in Yahoo Groups. We no longer maintain the old group.

Please visit our main web-site for details in research and publication.


If the software crashes with segmentation fault, please change settings in your operating system. See FAQ:Segmentation fault for details. Also, The FAQ pages provide useful suggestions and solutions.



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