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Installation of Intel Libraries


Our software is highly optimized using parallel computations and high-performance subroutines (called libraries). We are using Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) for matrix computations in a combination with Intel Fortran Compiler (IFORT). We usually provide users a single executable (or “binary”) including MKL subroutines, and it should work at all environments. However, our program may stop due to interaction among MKL/IFORT, compilers, and operating systems. To solve this issue keeping the high performance, we would ask the users to install dependent libraries to their system. The binary will use the user-installed libraries which should be specialized in the computing environment.



After installing the above two libraries, please run the a BLUPF90 program and see if it works as usual. If the installation (and the post-installation configuration) is not successful, you will get a message like “error while loading shared libraries …”.

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