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Approximate accuracy program for animal models including maternal effect and sire models


ACCF90 is a program to calculate reliability for EBV.


OPTION acc_maxrounds 15

Maximum rounds (default 20). Usually, between 10 and 30 but increase the number when the convergence is too large (e.g., > 1d-04).

OPTION conv_crit 1d-06

Convergence criterion (default 1d-06). usually between 1d-04 and 1d-06 but no < 1d-08.

OPTION cg 1 1 2 2

Specify the effect number for contemporary group for each trait. The default is the first effect (= cg 1 1 1 1).


Specify the effect number for herd by sire interaction.

OPTION anim 5

Specify the effect number for animal (required).

OPTION mat 6

Specify the effect number for maternal (required if a maternal effect is included in the model). In a maternal effect model, the next effect of the maternal effect will be automatically the maternal permanent environmental effect (MPE).


Specify the effect number for permanent environment (required if included).

OPTION type 1.0

Select 1.0 for dairy cattle (PTA) or 0.5 for beef cattle (BIF definition) (default 1.0).

OPTION add_residual 8 9

Calculate accuracies adding variances for 8 and 9 random effects to residual variance.

OPTION model animal

Select animal or sire model (default animal).

OPTION parent_avg yes

Output parent averages (default no).

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