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This program calculates the de-regressed proof (DRP) suggested by Garrick et al. (2009). It uses the files generated with blupf90 (or similar solver) and accf90 which is available under an agreement with UGA. It supports both single-trait and multiple-trait models with more than 1 random effects; but not for maternal models and random regression models.

Run this program as follows.

  1. Run blupf90 or other IOD programs to save solutions.
  2. Run accf90 to calculate accuracy ot reliability of EBV.
  3. Run deproofsf90 to calculate Garrick's DRP.

This program asks you the name of parameter file as blupf90. It reads the related files to compute DRP.



The c parameter to calculate weights (default=0.5).

type x

The type of accuracy/reliability. Put 1.0 (default) for reliability or 0.5 for BIF accuracy.

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