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The GIBBS3F90-type heterogeneous residual variance version of BLUP90IOD2.
See BLUP90IOD2 for other options.
See PREGSF90 with genotypes (SNP) for options.


   OPTION hetres_int col nlev

where col is column in the data file that selects which residual (co)variance to select, and nlev is the maximum number of levels. Different residual (co)variances need to be numbered consecutively starting from 1.

OPTION hetres_int 5 10
x11 x12 x13
x21 x22 x23
x31 x32 x33
y11 y12 y13
y21 y22 y23
y31 y32 y33
z11 z12 z13
z21 z22 z23
z31 z32 z33

The position “5” to identify the interval in the data file and the number of intervals “10” for heterogeneous residual variances. Give residual covariances for each interval (e.g., x, y, and z).

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