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The original program was written by Shogo Tsuruta in 1999.
BLUP90IOD2 is a BLUP program for solving a large number of mixed model equations, using preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG). Another version for heterogeneous residual variances is also available.
See PREGSF90 with genotypes (SNP) for options.
Implementation of one-step genomic selection updating animal effects with the combined pedigree and genomic relationship matrix (H-Inverse).


OPTION conv_crit 1e-12

Set convergence criteria (deault 1e-12).

OPTION maxrounds 10000

Set maximum number of rounds (default 1000).

OPTION blksize 3

Set block size for preconditioner (default 1).

OPTION init_eq 10

Set the number of effects to be solved directly (default=0).

OPTION solv_method FSPAK

Solving method for initial equations (default=DIRECT).

OPTION tol 1d-12

Tolerance to get a positive definite matrix (default=1d-12).

OPTION residual

y-hat and residuals will be included in “yhat_residual”.

OPTION avgeps 50

Using the last 50 average eps for convergence.

OPTION cont 1

To restart the program from the previous solutions.

OPTION missing -999

Set the missing value (default 0) in integer.

OPTION restart 100

Set the number of iteration to recompute residuals (default=100).

OPTION prior_solutions

Using the previous solution file to start the iteration. An additional software is required to use this option.

OPTION random_upg 1 2

Set the UPG random. “1” the weight for random UPG = 1. If the second number exits, the weight will be inverted (e.g., 1/2=0.5).

OPTION SNP_file snp

Specify the SNP file name to use genotype data.
For information on availability of BLUP90IOD, please contact Ignacy Misztal ( at the University of Georgia.

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