User-defined UPG code

The program accepts the following keywords in UPG_TYPE.


With this option, the program looks at a particular column in the pedigree file as a group code and saves it. If an animal has a missing parent, the program assigns an UPG code according to the group code. If you want to assign separate UPGs by the parent's sex (sire or dam), use group. The group_unisex doesn't consider the sex of parents.

The column in the pedigree file is specified with the 6th item in FILE_POS. The following example tells the program the 5th column in the pedigree file as the group code. The group code will be treated as characters.

  1 2 3 0 0 5

The program now accept 3 items, 5 items, or 6 items in FILE_POS.

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