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Use of Fortran compiler in your computer

By Yutaka Masuda

In the course, you don't have to prepare a Fortran compiler by yourself. If you want to use the compiler in your local environment at your office or your laptop, this page may be useful to know how to install the compiler to your computers.

Several Fortran compilers are available. Intel Fortran compiler (ifort) is a commercial product and you need a license (there is an option for free of charge for a specific purpose; see the Intel website). GFortran is totally free i.e. no charge to use. Here we briefly show how to obtain and install GFortran in your computer.

Visit the official GFortran website to find a way to install and use the compiler.

The following is a summary of the above page.

  • Windows
  • macOS
    • For MacPorts and Homebrew users, use the package manager to install GFortran.
    • Otherwise, get an installer from GFortran Binaries.
  • Linux
    • For major distributions, use the package manager such as apt, aptitude, yum, dnf, packman etc.
    • Otherwise, see the instruction in GFortran Binaries.

If you install the compiler to your local computer, you don't have to use Putty to connect the server. You simply save the files in your computer and run the compiler.

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