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General questions in Gibbs samplers

How to save the solutions

To save the “solutions” i.e. the point estimates of location parameters, you need one or two options in the parameter file. The behavior is common to the latest version of GIBBS2F90/GIBBS3F90/THRGIBBS1F90/GIBBSF90TEST. Please use either of the following options.

  • Simultaneous sampling with variance components:
    • OPTION solution [effects..]
  • Compute the “solutions” with fixed variance components i.e., no (co)variance estimation:
    • OPTION fixed_var [effects..]

For example, you save the posterior mean and SD for effect numbers 1, 3, and 4, use OPTION solution 1 3 4. If you want to save all the effects, please enumerate all effect numbers.

There are other options to save *all* the solutions in all rounds: OPTION solution all or OPTION fixed_var all. It will create a huge file and will be very slow. Do not use these options unless you really want to have all the solutions for all rounds.

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