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Windows-specific problems

Missing libiomp5md.dll

On running a program, you received messages like “The program can't start because libiomp5md.dll is missing from your computer…” and the program doesn't work.


All BLUPF90 programs are compiled with Intel Parallel Studio 2016 XE for Fortran. Some programs use the OpenMP functions. A executable using OpenMP now requires an additional library (libiomp5md.dll). The library is provided and freely available on the Intel's web site.


Please install the Redistributable Libraries by Intel Corporation.

  1. Download “Update 3” or later version of a zip-file in the section “Redistributable libraries of Intel® Fortran Compiler for Windows”.
  2. Open the zip-file and run the appropriate installer:
    • w_fcompxe_redist_ia32 for Windows (32-bit)
    • w_fcompxe_redist_intel64 for Windows (64-bit)
  3. Done. Run BLUPF90 programs as usual. · Last modified: 2016/06/29 18:05 by shogo