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BLUPF90 Family of Programs

Now with support for genomic selection

Ignacy Misztal and collaborators, University of Georgia

BLUPF90 family of programs is a collection of software in Fortran 90/95 for mixed model computations in animal breeding. The goal of the software is to be as simple as with a matrix package and as efficient as in a programming language. For general description, see a paper from the CCB'99 workshop or see a paper on BGF90 at 7th WCGALP.

For variance component estimation, the family offers choices for simple and complicated models; see paper “Reliable computing in estimation of variance components” . From 2009 the programs are successively modified for genomic selection using a single-step approach (or ssGBLUP) by Ignacio Aguilar and Shogo Tsuruta.

For support, join blupf90 group at


:!: If the software crashes with segmentation fault, please change settings in your operating system. See FAQ:Segmentation fault for details. Also, The FAQ pages provide useful suggestions and solutions.



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