BLUPF90 manual is available at BLUPF90 manual

Click on FAQ to see which programs/options to use. Click on program sequence to see which programs need to be run in sequence.

The whole philosophy of the suite is in imisztal.pdf.

The main documentation can be found in application_programs, including:

  1. The main documentation which describes the parameter files, the use use of BLUPF90 and the kind of models that can be fit: blupf90.pdf.
  2. The documentation on the variance component estimator REMLF90: remlf90.pdf.
  3. See course materials on genomic analyses. Alse see an example of genomic computations in example_genomic.pdf.

Those interested in programming can access notes from a computing class in Fortran 95.

The denseop, sparseop and fspak libraries have (outdated) denseop.pdf sparse90.pdf and fspak.pdf documentation.

README's and documentation are hard to follow without an understanding of Mixed Models as applied to Animal Breeding. A free, highly recommended material is Larry Schaeffer's notes.

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