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Linux and Mac binaries and Windows executables

Binaries for Linux, Windows and Mac are here.

:!: If you cannot find a binary in the main OS folder, check the temp folder. If a binary is in temp, it means updates are not supported anymore.

For Windows users: Please install Intel's Redistributable Libraries if you received messages like “The program can't start because libiomp5md.dll is missing from your computer…” on running a program. See the FAQ page.


Old versions of source code for educational purposes are available as Fortran 95 package for download and compilation on Unix systems. Various problems were reported using free Fortran compilers. File contains Windows executables + GNUPLOT; an included script file sets access to all binaries and the graphing package. At this time, the best compiler appears to be from Intel; it is free for noncommercial use in Linux.

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