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Utility Programs & BLUPF90 download

General Info

1) The preferred OS for the course is Linux. If you want to use Windows, please download MobaXterm so that you can use some Linux bash commands inside Windows.

2) If you have problems executing the BLUPF90 binaries in Windows, it may be related to the lack of OpenMP libraries. Click here to solve this issue.

3) If you have problems executing the BLUPF90 binaries in Linux or MacOS, change the permission for the file using the following command

chmod a+x <filename>


chmod 777 <filename>

4) If you try to run any program and get a message about segmentation fault, this is because the program tried to access an inappropriate memory area or accessed it abnormally.

When the program fails (crashes) without any messages, most likely, a segmentation fault has occurred.

There are possible reasons for this error.

  • Missing configuration in your computing environment
  • Running out of free memory
  • A bug in the program

Please type the following command before running the BLUPF90 programs.

ulimit -s unlimited


Notes on Genomic Selection and ssGBLUP

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