New Highly Motivated Visitor with Very Subject

Amanda at computer lab

Do you know “Gyr”? Our new visitor, Amanda Marchi Maiorano has joined our team and is going to research genetic architecture of Gyr, dual purpose cattle. Amanda is a Ph.D student in UNESP and studies Animal Breeding with Dr. Josineudson Augusto II de Vasconcelos Silva. She is very excited for the life in Athens.

She was born in Sao Carlos /SP and grew up as a girl who loved animals, especially horses. She recalls “I used to own my horse. My family visit country side on the weekend and I enjoyed to spend my time with my horse in the nature. There are so many charms in countryside.”

Childhood in the nature leads her for Animal Science and made Amanda nurtured strong curiosity and love for animals. She had experienced an internship in the farm for Nelore, the beef cattle, on 2013 for 8month. During this time, she had to live so far from city life, but “I liked to live in farm. There are no TV and internet, but I was fine,” she shared and smiled.

Now, Amanda is ready to start her research in UGA. Gyr is originally from India and produces well in tropical condition. In Brazil, it is usually crossbred with Holstein to combine increased milk production and adaptation to the environment. We hope that her time here will be productive for her research and enjoyable with many friends.