Since 2020, Intel Fortran compiler has been free to install. To run latest blupf90 programs on your computer, it will require installation of the Fortran libraries including MKL. We have been providing the blupf90 programs compiled with the old Intel Fortran Compiler, but it will be terminated to use the old compiler by the end of June in 2024. We will keep the old versions with no updates for a while. However, we recommend all users to install Intel Fortran Libraries (and MKL) ( to use the updated blupf90 programs.

In 2024, Intel Fortran Compiler will be changed from ifort to ifx. All our binaries will eventually be compiled by ifx. This transition may take one or two years (2024-2025). It will be recommended to install Intel Fortran Libraries 2024.0 or later versions (

The Mac versions may be discontinued in Intel Fortran.


You can find the latest release of BLUPF90 family of programs at the following page.

RSS feed for update of Linux binaries.

Documentation & Support

The BLUPF90 manual and the other documentation on the programs are available at the dokuwiki. For help, questions and bug reports, please visit the website.

Note that the Blupf90 Discussion group moved from Yahoo Groups to on November 7, 2019. All the past messages were transferred to the new site. We will not maintain the Yahoo Groups.