Alula Alemayehu May Bring Back a Key to a Bright Future for Ethiopia!

Our group was pleased to have our visitor, Alula Alemayehu. He has a BSc from Hawassa University and currently studying MSc in Animal breeding and Genetics at Wageningen University and Research, under supervision of Dr. Piter Bijma.

He grew up in Kombolcha, Ethiopia, where his family always had some cows as a side business. It provided him an opportunity to nurture his curiosity for animal science as a benefit for his country. He says ”My country has a great potential. Improvement in animal production is crucial.” He is ready to dedicate his life to improving production efficiency in his country.

He says “My ultimate intention is breeding animals that are highly resistant to infectious diseases in Ethiopia. My research at UGA focuses on analyzing data for genomic selection for improving maternal effects of pigs, by using multiple sire semen.” We hope he had a fruitful and successful stay with our group and will bring a bright future for his motherland. Good Luck!