Welcome to our team, Gustavo!

Welcome to our team, Gustabo!

We welcome  Gustavo Garcia Santiago as our newest visitor. Gustavo arrived in Athens from Brazil on September 29th. He has been studying genetic programs for Nellore at UGA, and has been getting some exciting ideas regarding genetic improvement for Beef industries at the national level.

Gustavo comes to us from Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul, where he studies as a graduate student under supervision of prof. Fabiane Siqueira. He has been researching genomic selection in Nellore beef cattle for Embrapa.

In this position, he received an opportunity for improvement at UGA by spending 6 months on our team. He has collaborated with Embrapa, the federal agency for Agriculture and Livestock Research, where he had a chance to different breeds and crossbreeds.

He said “I am very excited to research about Nellore, the major beef cattle in Brazil. I am sure this team will give me great chances to gain knowledge and expand my research. I will do my best to help the genetic program of Brazil”