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Short course - Programming and computer algorithms with focus on genomic selection in animal breeding

The course was held at UGA May 15 - June 1, 2012. Instructors were Ignacy Misztal, Shogo Tsuruta, Ignacio Aguilar, Zulma Vitezica & Andres Legarra.

Computer programming in animal breeding

May 15-24

  1. Introduction to programming in Fortran 95/2003
  2. Advance Programming in Fortran 95/2005
  3. Computer algorithms useful in animal breeding
  4. Efficient creation and solving of mixed model equations

Lectures by Ignacy Misztal. Labs by Shogo Tsuruta and Ignacio Aguilar

See class notes and the exercises

Workshop on genomic computing using single-step methodology

Monday, May 28

  1. Introduction to BLUPF90 family of programs (Ignacy Misztal)
  2. Properties of different algorithms for parameter estimation; EM and AI REML; simple and optimized Gibbs Samplers (Ignacy Misztal and Shogo Tsuruta)
  3. Exercise: use of programs for data set with 1 -3 -7 traits. See last exercise in exercises above.

Tuesday, May 29

Wednesday, May 30

  1. GBLUP, GREML and GGIBBBS using blupf90 etc. This is included in the talks by Andres Legarra and Ignacio Aguilar.

Thursday, May 31

Friday, June 1

  1. Guest lecture: Practical results with Single Step (Selma Forni)
  2. GWAS in Single Step (Huiyu Wang -Joy)
  3. Exercises: GWAS exercises (Huiyu Wang & Ignacio Aguilar) Files

Files for exercises

Zipped files can be found here:


p1000194.jpg p1000195.jpg p1000200.jpg p1000205.jpg p1000206.jpg p1000207.jpg p1000210.jpg p1000213.jpg p1000214.jpg p1000215.jpg p1000216.jpg p1000217.jpg p1000218.jpg p1000219.jpg p1000220.jpg p1000221.jpg p1000224.jpg p1000225.jpg p1000226.jpg p1000227.jpg p1000228.jpg p1000229.jpg p1000233.jpg p1000236.jpg

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