This article shows some pointers to useful pages on our website for troubleshooting.

Sudden program crash

We have some reports that say the BLUPF90 programs always crash after an update. When the program stops with this issue, you likely see “segmentation fault” (or similar error, or, the worst, no messages). This is not a bug but caused with a system configuration. You can change the settings to avoid this problem. Please see for details.

FAQ and tips

Our wiki have a FAQ page which provides common mistakes in data preparation, model description, and program execution. Visit

Log of mailing list

We have a mailing list to discuss issues of BLUPF90 programs. It is in (to where we have moved from Yahoo Groups): A historical log of list may solve your problem.

Manual and tutorial

The BLUPF90 manual is available on our wiki. And now, we have a tutorial of BLUPF90 programs using plenty of numerical examples. Please go to to see the documentation.