Update on software and tutorials [September 5, 2019]

Updated on August 23, 2019: We have updated our programs to fix some bugs and to improve the efficiency.

Updated on September 5, 2019: We have released a tutorial book, Introduction to BLUPF90 suite programs, for the BLUPF90 series programs available at our wiki. The original tutorial was released in our Summer Course, 2018, and this is a revision with many corrections. It covers various topics with the BLUPF90 programs.

  • Genomic prediction
  • Classical pedigree BLUP
  • Variance component estimation by REML and Gibbs sampling
  • Use of RENUMF90, a data-preparation tool
  • Numerical examples in animal model, genomic model, multiple-trait model, random regression model, and so on.

The tutorial book is also available at Yutaka Masuda’s Github repository. All the source files are released, and a reader can correct the text and make a pull request to improve the documentation.