UGA group attend 72nd Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science in Davos, Switzerland!

Dr. Daniela Lourenco presenting at the 2021 European Federation of Animal Science Meeting in Davos, Switzerland

The UGA Animal Breeding and Genetics group attended the 2021 European Federation of Animal Science Meeting in Davos, Switzerland from the 30th August – 3rd September.

There were 8 presentations and 1 poster from the UGA group presented at the meeting:

  • Bermann, M., D. Lourenco, Y. Masuda and I. Misztal. 2021. A fast method for approximating reliabilities in genomic BLUP. [PDF]
  • Bermann, M., D. Lourenco, V. Breen, R. Hawken, F. Brito Lopes, I. Misztal. 2021. Modelling genetic differences of combined broiler chicken populations in single-step GBLUP. [PDF]
  • Cesarani, A., D. Lourenco, Y. Masuda, S. Tsuruta, A. Legarra, E. Nicolazzi, P. Vanraden, I. Misztal. 2021. Multi-breed genomic evaluation for dairy cattle in the US using single-step GBLUP. [PDF]
  • Hidalgo, J., D. Lourenco, S. Tsuruta, Y. Masuda, V. Breen, R. Hawken, M. Bermann, I. Misztal. 2021. Decay of accuracy of genomic predictions over time in broilers. [PDF]
  • Jang, S., S. Tsuruta, N. Leite, I. Misztal and D. Lourenco. 2021. Dimensionality of genomic information and its impact on GWA and variant selection. [PDF]
  • Leite, N.G., E.F. Knol, S. Nuphaus, S. Tsuruta, D. Lourenco. 2021. Genetic study of social interaction models for the predictability of overall biting in gilts. [PDF]
  • Lourenco, D., S. Tsuruta, J. Hidalgo and I. Misztal. 2021 .Stability of breeding values in the genomic era. [PDF]
  • Masuda, Y., S. Tsuruta and I. Misztal. 2021. Unknown-parent group and metafounder models for missing pedigree in single-step genomic BLUP. [PDF]
  • Misztal, I., R. Abdollahi-Arpanahi, D. Lourenco. 2021. Detecting effective starting point of genomic selection by divergent trends from BLUP and ssGBLUP [PDF]